direct marketing

Digital versus direct; using data for good

What’s in a name? Well, if you believe the
digital versus direct debate that has been raging in the marketing industry
recently, the answer would be ‘a hell of a lot’!

On the one hand, digital
agencies are criticised for being overly focused on a channel, whereas the
‘direct’ guys sit across different channels but are tainted with a historical
focus on spammy practices and tactics.

Wenda Harris Millard says get rid of the science

wenda harris millardWhen Wenda Harris Millard talks, the industry listens. As well it should. One of the smartest, and most formidable executives in interactive advertising, Wenda is co-CEO of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, following top executive positions at Yahoo, Ziff Davis Media and DoubleClick (to name but a few). Credentials don’t get more impressive than her résumé in interactive advertising.

At her keynote at the IAB’s annual summit in Orlando this weekend, Wenda called for a new era in online advertising; one in which measurement, metrics, analysis — in short, the science bit of the advertising equation, take a back seat the art part: big ideas, killer creative and “the sizzle, not the steak.”

Her plea is very much in line for her exhortation last year at the same event, when she called on marketers “not to trade our assets like pork bellies.”