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Nominet explains the reasons for .uk domains

Nominet’s proposals to add a .uk domain have not been popular, to put it mildly.

However, it has decided to introduce the change anyway, albeit with some minor concessions. 

Critics point out that the new domains aren’t necessary, devalue the existing domains, and impose unwanted costs on online businesses.

So why has Nominet decided to go ahead with the move anyway? I’ve asked the question… 

Q&A: Matt Mansell of 123-reg on the new .uk domains

The recent decision by Nominet to forge ahead with the introduction of new .uk domains has not been met with widespread approval, to say the least. 

Nominet’s own consultations uncovered strong oppostion to the plans, but this was apparently not enough to force a rethink. 

I have made our opposition to the proposals very clear, but one conpany in favour of the planned .uk domians is 123-reg.

I’ve been asking Matt Mansell, Head of Domain Strategy at its parent company Host Europe Group about his views. 

Nominet ploughs ahead with .uk domains despite opposition

Nobody outside of the organisation seems to think this is a good idea, but Nominet is going ahead with the .uk domains anyway

As we have reported before, the plan for the new domains will force many online businesses to grab extra domains, thereby paying extra renewal fees and more. 

There are no convincing benefits for online businesses, though Nominet and its members look set to profit from the move

No matter though, as Nominet has announced that the new domains will be rolled out from summer 2014.