Donald trump

Donald Trump, Twitter spam and affiliate marketing


If you deal in online marketing or the media in general, then you’ll probably be familiar with The Trump Network,  owned by business icon (and face of
the US ‘Apprentice’ show) Donald Trump.

The Trump Network is currently making a foray into affiliate marketing, pop along to the campaign’s homepage and you’ll see a short video from
Mr.Trump, explaining how his affiliate program can benefit anyone
financially, up to and including multi-millionaires like himself.

The network itself wasn’t what initially caught my eye however. Instead,
what piqued my curiosity was the way in which the network is being
promoted across the Twittersphere. 

While there’s no reason to assume
that Trump or his company are directly behind it, the Trump Network does
have a number of seemingly automated feeds out there promoting the
business, a practice which indicates a fundamental
misunderstanding of the medium.