Dow Jones

US job moves: Mercedes-Benz, Sony, Dow Jones, Apple, Dell

It’s Friday and with that comes our coverage of the big moves, hires and fires in the US this week.

We’ve seen promotions from Mercedes-Benz and Sony, while News Corp. has poached a new CEO for Dow Jones and Apple and Dell are looking to expand their retail and software services with new prominent hires.

For news organizations, business development means turning away business

When the New York Times tried to have Apple pull the plug on the hit
iPad news reader, Pulse, I noted that as newspapers like the New York
Times attempt to ‘save’ their businesses, it would be wise of them to
figure out how they can work with creative third parties. After all, individuals outside of these organizations may be able to
do more for them in some areas than they can currently do for

But if emails between an online publisher who wanted to license content
from Dow Jones is any indication, news organizations may be better at
talking about getting paid for their content than they are at actually
accepting money from businesses that are ready to pay them.

Is this the first salvo in the ‘hot news’ war?

Few traditional publishers like aggregators. They never have, and they never will. The problem: consumers do.

While publishers have made a fuss about aggregators for years, for the most part, there has been little they can do. And for all of their efforts, aggregation, in all of its various forms, isn’t going anywhere. But a lawsuit filed by Dow Jones & Company could signal a tougher fight ahead if Dow Jones wins.