The price is right: how to price your product or service

You are ready to launch a new product or service. You’ve spent months developing it, and you’re finally ready to start selling.

Then comes the age-old question: what should I charge for it? It’s a
question that every business owner has to answer, and unfortunately
it’s one of the most difficult to answer. That’s because business
owners know instinctively that pricing, perhaps more than anything
else, has the power to determine whether you sell a million widgets, or
none at all.

Following the dollar: how a big drop could affect you

There’s a lot of talk about the fate of the US dollar today. And for good reason: there are, in theory, rationales as to why the value of the dollar could fall sharply, perhaps in the not-too-distant future.

Even if you’re not an economist, or don’t live in the United States, chances are the fate of the dollar will impact you in some way. After all, the dollar is the world’s ‘reserve currency‘. More directly, many online businesses have customers in the US who pay for goods and services and dollars, and many others also have suppliers who charge for goods and services in dollars. After having an interesting discussion with a friend about this subject this weekend, I thought the fate of the dollar was worth discussing here.

Five reasons why consumers will reject news paywalls

Much has been said about newspapers looking more fondly at the possibility adding a paywall to their precious content so ‘bloggers stop stealing it’ and Google ‘stops being a vampire’.

Almost all of the arguments centre around what the business side of this decision is. While that is important, the reaction of the public matters much more.