Efficient Frontier

Facebook advertising getting more expensive: report

Advertiser interest in Facebook has grown rapidly over the past several
years. With more than half a billion users, it is the biggest
social networking hub in the world, making it one of the top digital
platforms on which to reach consumers.

Its self-serve advertising platform, however, has received mixed
reviews. Unlike, say Google AdWords, advertisers don’t necessarily have
intent‘ present with every click, and converting Facebook traffic has,
for many of them, been challenging.

The platform’s saving grace: it’s
generally pretty cheap. But that may be changing.

Integrating search and display challenging for marketers: report

The notion that together search and display advertising can be greater than the sum of their parts is nothing new. But when it comes to actually making them greater than the sum of their parts in the real world, large marketers are apparently having some trouble.

That’s what Forrester Consulting found in a study that was published yesterday.

Recession trend: more clicks, lower CPCs, higher ROI

When Google reported its Q2 earnings yesterday, it beat analyst expectations. But all the news wasn’t good news, at least for Google.

In the area of paid clicks, Google experienced an unhealthy downward trend: total paid clicks declined 2% from Q1 and more importantly, the average cost-per-click (CPC) in the second quarter fell 13% year-over-year.