Could “the next big thing” be a Baby Boomer creation?

When you hear the word startup, chances are images of twenty-somethings hacking away at Macs in a loft office with an open floor plan spring to mind. And for good reason: head to sunny California, home to Silicon Valley and some of the today’s prominent internet startups, and you’re bound to find that a lot of startups do look something like this.

But that doesn’t mean that one should jump to the conclusion that Gen-Y is the generation with the greatest entrepreneurial spirit. According to a new survey released today by Monster.com and Millennial Branding, members of Gen-X and the Baby Boomer generation actually consider themselves to be more entrepreneurial than their younger siblings and children.

Five ways entrepreneurs can avoid the doldrums

Starting a new venture is tough, but entrepreneurs are often less likely to complain. After all, to succeed, you have to be positive, right?

Following the death of Diaspora co-founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy, some are questioning whether those sorts of beliefs are dangerous, and a perhaps much-needed discussion is taking place about depression amongst entrepreneurs.

What’s an entrepreneur? A title

Are you an entrepreneur? If you’re working on a product for a new
business, have built a successful iPhone app, or are trying to raise
money from family and friends to realize a new idea, you might shrug
your shoulders and say, “Yeah, I guess I am.”

Jolie O’Dell, a blogger for Mashable, however, has some bad news: she
is “officially taking the word ‘entrepreneur’ away from you.


Q&A: Lesley Eccles of Hubdub and FanDuel

Lesley Eccles is Co-founder and Marketing Director of Hubdub.com, an online news prediction contest that allows users to win virtual dollars by correctly forecasting the outcome of real news stories. Recently, Hubdub Ltd expanded their web properties by launching FanDuel.com, a site where participants can make real money by playing and winning at fantasy sports games.

At bigmouthmedia‘s recent Social Media Summit, Lesley talked about some of the challenges associated with marketing through social media, as well as the potential opportunities for start-ups operating in this space.  

As Econsultancy’s recently published Social Media and Online PR Report (produced in association with bigmouthmedia) shows, smaller companies are more likely to get involved in social media, as they face fewer barriers to experimenting with new channels and are inherently more flexible.

As a start-up, social media plays a pivotal role in Hubdub’s marketing efforts. I caught up with Lesley post-event to find out more about Hubdub Ltd, and the challenges facing SMEs and start-ups in this difficult economic climate.

The myth of the 20-something founder

When you think of the word ‘entrepreneur‘, who do you see? You might be inclined to think of a hungry 20-something who dropped out of college to follow his or her dream.

But according to a study (PDF) released by the Kauffman Foundation, it’s not young people who are driving entrepreneurial activity in the United States. No, it’s Baby Boomers.