Four quick tips for maximising sales on Etsy

Etsy is somewhat of an antidote to the mammoth marketplace that is Amazon. 

Unlike the latter – where retailers fiercely compete on price and shipping – Etsy has more of a community-driven focus, with sellers aiming to create a connection with buyers in order to build reputation and drive sales. 

A UX review of Etsy, the most user-friendly mobile website according to Google

Any retailer that doesn’t have a mobile-friendly website doesn’t just risk losing out on sales. A poor mobile experience can lead to basket abandonment, or worse – a lost customer for life. 

This is because shopping on mobile is now second nature for most people. According to Adobe, 61% of visits to retail sites now stem from mobile devices, while 70% of purchases are predicted to be made on mobile over desktop by the end of the year.

10 brands leading the way with mobile commerce design

It’s not just about driving footfall to an offline store anymore, when it comes to mobile commerce the big winners are the brands achieving conversions there and then on a mobile device.

Here we’ll be presenting a selection of ecommerce stores excelling at the mobile experience and ensuring a frustration free shopping experience on the small screen.

What will we be looking out for?

As our own Ben Davis discussed in 14 features of great mobile commerce design, here are some of the tools and features that can best aid mobile shoppers: 

Wishi combines f-commerce with collaborative consumption

As collaborative consumption grows in popularity, here’s another another example of a start-up that’s built around the trend for part-owning or sharing goods.

Wear It Share It (Wishi) is a Facebook app that allows people to upload photos of their clothes and accessories – then share these with selected friends.


The rise of the reverse affiliate

Affiliate marketing is one of the stalwarts in the digital marketing landscape. It seems to benefit from change as much as it benefits from a lack of change.

For example, over the years CPM prices in non-premium inventory have dropped and yet CPA rates and network overrides have remained largely unchanged.

That has allowed some savvy arbitrage players, like lead brokers or performance agencies, to make a whack of cash. It has also contributed towards the rise of the reverse affiliate.

Etsy: how much social is too much?

Online businesses face many challenges these days. Internet users are
more sophisticated, and more demanding. And in many markets, they’re
also very social.

Thanks to the popularity and ubiquity of services like Facebook and
Twitter, that means many website owners are compelled to find ways to make their
sites more social.

However, going social isn’t always easy, and it comes with plenty of risks…