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A day in the life of… co-founder and director of an event discovery and ticketing company

Ben Sebborn is co-founder and director of Skiddle, an event discovery and ticketing company that he set up at university alongside fellow co-founder and director Richard Dyer. We found out what he gets up to in a typical day, why he believes in long walks and downtime, and why he looks to other sectors to find out how they’re pushing the boundaries with new technology.

Four steps to help you own events on Twitter

As a marketer, when you see that watching a puddle in Newcastle has become the biggest event of the week, it’d be a natural reaction to throw your hands up and question the point of factoring in national days, sports happenings, awards ceremonies and the like when it comes to your brand’s annual content marketing calendar.

But as the 4.4m tweets accompanying the recent Golden Globes shows, events are digital content gold.

Why events are the last bastion of integrated marketing

We can tell the last ten items a consumer bought on our site and we can tell the open rate of our email marketing campaigns, but few of us can say how long any one visitor at our event booth spent there and what they picked up.

The swag, a brochure, your business card, your hot intern’s telephone number, which was it?

This not-knowing is weird, says Liz Miller, overseer of daily operations at the CMO Council (CMOC), a global affinity network of top brand marketers. “Since when did a marketer get shy?” she asked recently.