Q&A: Ryan Bonnici of ExactTarget on digital excellence and inspiration

Econsultancy has been discussing digital excellence on an ongoing basis for a while now, as digital concepts increasingly permeates business operations, capabilities and structures.

Ahead of ExactTarget’s Connect tour, where Econsultancy is a media partner, I managed to catch up with one of the key members of their APAC operations, Regional Marketing Manager, Ryan Bonnici, to get his thoughts on the topic, as well as the peripheral issues of digital innovation, data and technology. 

Future trends: Social media marketing in Australia

Last week saw the release of Econsultancy’s State of Digital Marketing in Australia report, where the current environment is closely analysed to understand what’s happening, where focus is being placed and how this is affecting marketing activity.

In line with this, ExactTarget’s Inspired Marketing Predictions recently compiled various opinions from industry experts, of which many echo the research findings.

Top 100 retailers failing to make the most of email marketing

Only 2% of the top 100 US retailers use in-store signage to promote email or SMS engagement, according to a new report from ExactTarget.

In comparison, 8% promote their online social communities in-store.

Of the ‘Hot 100 Retailers’ 95 have brick-and-mortar stores, but the Retail Touchpoints Exposed report suggests retailers aren’t doing enough to connect the offline and online shopping experiences using email marketing.

The report was compiled through both in-store observations and by tracking brand communications and engagement across email, mobile and social channels for a period of 30 days.