Facebook Connect

Retailers: your customers are logged into Facebook, now what?

Facebook’s massive reach is well-established in the minds of marketers
and business owners, but according to Sociable Labs CEO Nisan Gabbay,
they often “don’t quite get how pervasive the service is in people’s

How pervasive is it? An analysis by his company, which looked at more
than 450m visits to various retail websites, found that more than 50% of
visitors were logged into Facebook while browsing.

What’s more: even
though there was variation of the logged-in percentage across age
groups, well over a third (40%) of middle aged visitors were logged into
the world’s largest social network too.

The top seven Facebook tools for publishers

Facebook may increasingly be on the receiving end of criticism related
to its stance on privacy, but the world’s largest social network is
still one of the top places to reach consumers online.

With more than 400m registered users globally, Facebook is the world’s largest
social network, and publishers looking to stay connected with their
users and acquire new users have plenty of Facebook tools at their
disposal to do just that. Here are seven of them.

Facebook opens up

Facebook is already pretty open. Its developer platform enables developers to build applications that leverage Facebook users’ ‘social graphs‘ and its Connect API gives developers the means to ‘connect‘ their websites with Facebook.

But, perhaps in an effort to compete with the service Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg can’t have (Twitter), the social network is set to become even more open.