Social media fast food fight: McDonalds vs KFC

Writing his memoir, ‘Goodbye To All That’, Robert Graves reminded himself that ‘people like reading about food and drink’; so I’ve decided to write about burgers and fried chicken, alongside social media (always adds flavour).

I want to investigate the idea that most people see BIG corporate Twitter accounts as some kind of barefaced shill, only followed by the devout.

I looked at KFC and McDonald’s tweets from October 2012, to see how they do it. This is by no means an exhaustive audit, nor is it scientific. I also add that I’m a pescetarian of six weeks, and following these feeds has been somewhat of a coping mechanism.

Razorfish: Social media is helping established brands. But what about everyone else?

Razorfish has released its annual study into consumer behavior online and this year’s results have a lot to do with social media. According to Feed: The Razorfish Digital Brand Experience Report, many consumers are engaging with brands online to receive exclusive promotions or discounts.

The study also found that people who actively engage with a brand
digitally — from participating in a contest to downloading a mobile
application — are substantially more inclined to purchase and recommend
that brand to others.

The question for brands is how to create digital events that impress consumers. Because negative experiences online have a bad influence on the bottom line for brands.

The Econsultancy Twitter experiment

Twitter Pack by CarrotCreative via FlickrAbout an hour ago we implemented an experiment to display all tweets featuring the word ‘Econsultancy’ on our homepage, something we’ve had in mind for a few months.

The ‘widget’ was patched together in-house and simply searches for ‘Econsultancy’ via the excellent Twitter API, then aggregates these tweets into a feed. There are a few improvements we have planned for the code (we’ve just inserted a timestamp).

We planned on adding the feed to the sidebar in the blog, but decided instead to debut this on our homepage.