Ford’s economic lessons: In with new media, out with old ad formats

The automotive industry has had more than its share of setbacks in the last few years. But according to Jon Farley, Ford Motor Co.’s VP of global marketing, his company has learned some lessons from the economic downturn. And while Ford’s bottom line might not show it yet, Farley thinks that Ford is poised to prove it soon.

Speaking this week at AdAge Digital in New York, Farley demonstrated some of the new media skills that his company has acquired. But he had bad news for publishers and networks hoping that a healthier car industry will result in an automotive advertising bounce back. Since the recession hit, Ford has learned how to do more with less. And even if the company’s current upswing continues, Ford isn’t planning to go back to standard ad formats anytime soon. 

Will Ford’s gutsy social media campaign work?

Ford Motor Company was founded almost 106 years ago and it’s been through its fair share of ups and downs over the years. But like other auto manufacturers, it’s currently in a battle to survive one of the toughest economic environments ever seen.

So it’s doing what other great companies have done throughout the years when faced with a great challenge: it’s taking a risk. In this case, it’s turning to social media.