The CROWDFUND Act: everything you need to know

Yesterday, United States President Barack Obama signed into law the JOBS Act, which may be the most significant update to securities regulations since Sarbanes–Oxley was passed in 2002.

One portion of the new law, the CROWDFUND Act, has been creating a lot of buzz in Silicon Valley for months, as it will make it legal for startups the ability to raise money in small chunks from large numbers of non-accredited investors.

Five ways to finance your new business

Starting a new business isn’t cheap. Even on the internet, I’ve seen
more than a few entrepreneurs experience surprise when they start to
realize how much it costs to get a venture off the ground.

Making sure your new business is well-capitalized is an important part
of achieving success. For that reason, it’s important to ask the
question: how much do I really need and where am I going to get it?