How can APAC’s low cost airlines improve the flight search UX?

A survey conducted by Econsultancy way back in 2011 found that three quarters of travel research takes place online.

It’s likely that this number has increased since then, however many travel sites are still lagging behind when it comes to the online user experience.

In Europe budget airlines are finally waking up to the fact that passengers expect websites to offer a decent UX, with easyJet and Ryanair both taking steps to upgrade their desktop and mobile platforms.

But is the same true in APAC? To find out, I searched for flights with several low cost airlines, including AirAsia, TigerAir, Jetstar and Firefly.

Read to find out what I discovered, or for more on this topic read Econsultancy’s State of Ecommerce in South-East Asia Report.

Firefly: how exciting is this button?

‘The Creator, if He exists, has an inordinate fondness for beetles.’ But will we, the consumers, fall in love with the Firefly?

Firefly is a feature of, and button on the side of, Amazon’s new Fire smartphone.

Simply put, the feature turns the phone’s camera into a visual recognition tool (barcodes, products and the like) and the Fire microphone into an audio recognition tool (think Shazam).

Let’s mull over what this might mean.