IT security: the fortress will not hold

Security doesn’t come from building castles. It comes from people taking action to defend themselves.

In the middle ages, security was simple. If you wanted to be safe, you found a steep hill and built a castle on it. Add a network of walls, ditches, moats and battlements, and you could feel pretty secure.

Problem is, most castles were starved, not stormed.

Ten common sense data security tips

If you run a website, there’s a good chance that you store data that you wouldn’t want falling into the wrong hands. At the same time, there’s also a good chance that you’re increasing the odds of that happening by not following basic security best practices.

Unfortunately, the cost of data breaches is growing every year. A new study released by the PGP Corporation and the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach incident in 2009 was 6.75 million compared to 6.65 million in 2008. The largest data breach in 2009 cost just under $31m to clean up.