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Seven user shortcuts that will help reduce checkout abandonment

Checkout abandonment is inevitable on ecommerce sites as the plain truth is that some people simply aren’t ready to make a purchase.

However there are certain steps that sites can implement to limit the number of customers that dropout during the checkout phase.

The basic aim is to make it as simple as possible for your customers to hand over their cash, which means limiting the amount of form filling and offering shortcuts wherever possible.

Eight out of top 10 US retailers offer guest checkout

Forcing users to register their details before they checkout is a proven way of reducing your conversion rate.

Once a customer has chosen what they want to buy, they don’t want to have to fill in loads of forms and create an account before they can make a purchase.

ASOS managed to halve its abandonment rate at the registration page simply by removing any mention of creating an account, and another retailer added $300m to its annual revenues by removing the registration button.

But despite the evidence in favour of guest checkouts, many retailers (such as HMV) still force customers to create an account.

With this in mind, I looked at which of the top 10 US retailers still require users to register before checkout…