foreign language internet

Building anchor text-rich links in foreign languages

English language web is a crowded place, but you’ve a much better chance of securing a domain with your top keyword in another language; and if not, you can simply build anchor text-rich links.

The holy grail for any fledgling e-commerce business has got to be securing a domain name with a top performing relevant keyword.

For instance, if you’re looking to sell photographic equipment, how good would be?

Why aren’t the Fast Track 100 companies exporting online?

This month, The Times released their annual International Fast Track 100 list, which calculates the fastest-growing UK companies in term of international sales over the last two years (where we were very pleased to see Lingo24 place at number 81).

But are these top exporting companies holding themselves back by not going multilingual?

Selling to the multilingual UK market

Foreign language consumer groups within domestic
markets represent a massive untapped market, and one that doesn’t require
e-commerce businesses to alter their shipping, payment or logistics set-up at all…

It’s well-established that if you want to sell to people overseas then you need to communicate in their language, but what about the consumer groups in majority English-speaking countries whose first language is other than English?

The foreign language internet: the 21st century gold mine?

Times are tough in the English language internet. With billions of pages of content competing for your attention, and many of them optimised for search engines, getting your web page into the broader search consciousness can be like running up the down escalator.

There is a place, though, where there’s less competition for keywords and domain names, and less content overall, and that place is the non-English or foreign language internet.