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21 first class examples of effective web form design

Forms are important online. When well designed they make it nice and easy for people to sign up for newsletters, make a purchase, and so on. 

However, badly implemented forms can be a real barrier for potential customers, frustrating them to the point where they give up. 

Web form optimisation and good design is therefore vital, so here I’ve gathered up 21 examples of form best practice from a range of different sites.  

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How charity Anthony Nolan made the move to responsive design

Blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan launched a new responsive website last year as the proportion of traffic from mobile devices began to creep up to 50%.

The revamp has led to impressive increases in traffic and conversions, as well as reductions in the site’s bounce rate.

To find out more about what was involved in the move to responsive design, including the project duration, budget, agencies involved and the impact on visitor behaviour, I spoke to Anthony Nolan’s digital marketing manager Sam Butler.

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12 surefire ways to increase conversions on mobile devices

Smartphone conversion rates are typically lower than on desktop and tablet due to a number of factors, not least screen size and a perceived lack of functionality.

However as with all areas of ecommerce there are steps that site owners can take to improve the user experience and increase conversions from mobile devices.

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