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ROI key to future mobile marketing investments: report

With billions of mobile devices in use by consumers around the world, and with those devices getting more and more capable every year, it’s no surprise that many industry observers believe the future of mobile marketing is bright.

How bright? Some have gone on to suggest that mobile ad spend will eventually overtake that of television. A bold prediction given that brands spend well over $100bn globally on television ads ever year — magnitudes of order more than they spend on mobile ads.

Buoyed by smart phones and tablets, daily online usage jumps: report

If you work in a digital industry, the ubiquity of the internet is practically taken for granted. But that doesn’t mean that the percentage of consumers accessing the internet on a regular basis isn’t impressive. And it doesn’t mean that percentage isn’t growing.

In fact, according to Forrester Research, the number of adults in the United States who access the internet on a daily basis is growing more than one might imagine.

Is Facebook the $100,000 diamond watch of marketing?

Over the past two years, Facebook has fast become a major area of
interest for brand marketers.

Lured in by the social network’s 500m+ users, some marketers are evoking memories of the AOL days, going
as far as to promote Facebook Pages over their own websites.

From storefronts to movie rentals, brands are increasingly
focusing on trying to use the site as a platform for commerce. Some
believe Facebook commerce, or f-commerce, could be the next big phase in
the evolution of ecommerce.

But according to a report by Forrester
Research’s Sucharita Mulpuru, despite all of the talk about f-commerce,
Facebook isn’t likely to become a retail force.

Forrester to analysts: you can blog, but…

Late last week, it was reported that Forrester Research had implemented a policy under which analysts with personal blogs related to the technology markets they cover at Forrester would be required to ditch them and instead publish their blogs on

The move raised eyebrows since some of Forrester’s analysts and former analysts are well-known bloggers in the markets they cover.

The market for paid news: does size really matter?

How much is the news worth? It’s a question that’s weighing on the minds of many news media execs these days as they grapple with the challenge of figuring out new business models.

Paid content looks to be a big part of those new business models, but there’s one question that still dogs execs: just how big is the market for paid news?

Forget social media, SEO and PPC is where the money’s at

Social media has grown like a weed on the consumer usage front but when it comes to revenue, social media hasn’t yet found enough friends in the form of advertisers to cement its place as a digital marketing staple.

According to Forrester Research, however, that will all change by 2014. As our own Meghan Keane detailed, spending on social media marketing will grow to over $3bn by then, up from an estimated $716m this year, Forrester predicts.