Boots tops multichannel retail report after huge rethink of customer care

Boots provides the best multichannel user experience, according to a new report, just a week after announcing a major overhaul in this area.

The retailer introduced a “massive shift” in the way it trains and rewards staff last week, with the focus moving from sales figures to customer care measures.

According to Webcredible’s 2011 Multichannel Retail Report, Boots offered the best overall experience, followed by M&S, Debenhams and Waterstones in joint second place. 

Multichannel customer experience: how mature is your organisation?

‘Mature’ companies have overcome technical and data challenges in their quest to deliver a compelling multichannel customer experience, while less mature organisations are neglecting customer service and staff empowerment while they struggle to catch up, according to new research published by Econsultancy and Foviance today.

The second annual Multichannel Customer Experience Report shows the extent to which organisations are committed to delivering an integrated experience in a world where the customer journey is becoming increasingly complex due to evolving technology and the proliferation of devices. The study, based on a survey of more than 650 companies and agencies, looks at what the most successful multichannel companies are doing differently to those who are struggling.

EEG: cracking your clients’ sub-conscious

Whatever the amount of expert advice you seek or in-depth research you
conduct, it can sometimes feel that pinpointing why some online
experiences are successful with your customers and some are not
requires nothing short of a mind-reader.

Now there is a pioneering neuroscience technique that has been recently
developed which, in the right hands, just might have similarly magical
implications for internet marketers and e-commerce professionals
struggling to unlock the true potential of their online channel.