Are freelance web designers really a dying breed?

Design has arguably never been more important, but are the days of the freelance designer numbered?

According to one former freelance designer, many independents are struggling and the future might not be very bright.

State of the freelance nation: stats

At the end of last year, David Cameron demonstrated his commitment to boost the British creative economy, announcing plans to invest £50m of funding towards the construction of the Open Institute at the heart of Silicon Roundabout In London.

This busy tech hub is used by many startups where freelancers are often integral to their strategy.  

Online magazine Technorati claims the era of the freelancer will kick off in 2013 and last month we released quarterly online employment report that suggests the same.

Demand for mobile freelancers soars: trends

In my latest post looking at how marketers are using freelancers, I wanted to drill down on a major trend I’ve observed over the last year, an increase in demand for mobile specialists

We’ve seen a 94% increase in mobile development jobs posted in the year leading up to March 2012. The need for digital marketing freelancers has developed through 2012, with a quarterly growth of 24%.


Will Panda kill the freelance SEO star?

Before going on, I want to make one thing clear. I am not setting out to be intentionally provocative with this article. It goes without saying that there are some excellent freelance search experts able to offer their clients first class advice in how to plan and execute an SEO strategy.

Instead, I am driven by helping those buying digital marketing services, SEO in particular, to make more informed decisions when sourcing external partners and agencies.

I am passionate about SEO, and digital marketing more generally, but I also understand it has its pitfalls, the main one being the complex, crowded and confusing market for SEO services.

As such, my purpose is not to antagonise the world of freelance SEO but to simply encourage buyers to question whether it is realistic for a freelancer to deliver every aspect of a highly effective SEO strategy on their own.

The global digital marketing freelancing trend

Last month I revealed stats from Elance that showed how the demand for online digital marketing freelancers has soared and so, this time round, I thought I’d look at how this has become a global trend with more and more companies looking to source freelancers from across Europe and further afield.

On Elance, the US is the largest user of human cloud outsourcing, but Europeans have really embraced this way of hiring digital marketing expertise in the last year.

Demand for digital marketing freelancers soars: trends

Hiring online freelancers for marketing roles and projects is a trend that has experienced significant growth over the last year.

We’ve seen a 106% increase in digital marketing jobs posted on Elance for the 12 months leading up to March 2012. And, the increase from UK businesses was even greater (124%).

There has also been a 215% increase in marketing jobs completed and a 188% increase in client spend.

In the first of a series of monthly posts, I’ll look at more trends in digital marketing jobs…

Why you need a freelance copywriter

Using a freelance copywriter isn’t just about flexibility and convenience. It’s often the best way to get a quality result. 

A few weeks ago, Sharon Flaherty wrote a guest post here entitled Want quality content? Produce it in-house. As her title suggests, Sharon argues that the best way to get high-quality content is to employ an in-house copywriter. 

Although I commented on the post, I feel it deserves a more considered response, so here it is. 

Is AOL’s doomed to fail?

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong has a big goal for his newly-independent company:
revitalize AOL by turning it into a bona fide content company.

A big part of his plan is, AOL’s recently-launched content
platform. essentially employs the same model as Demand Media, which relies
on freelance writers and editors to create SEO-friendly content on a
mass scale.