FriendFeed’s real value for Facebook is in search

Facebook has been increasingly compared to Google of late, and the social network’s acquisition of FriendFeed yesterday might make some large strides toward getting its functionality closer to that of the search giant. FriendFeed may not have the audience or cache that Twitter has right now, but it has something else that Facebook values: search functionality.

Twitter’s popularity has escalated as FriendFeed has stagnated, but the company offers more than just executive programming talent to bring to the Facebook team. If Facebook expects to be the dominant player in the social media space (and it does), it’s going to need to make itself an important aggregation tool. And FriendFeed can help with that.

Facebook can’t have Twitter, so it buys FriendFeed

By most accounts, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg really likes Twitter. And as the 20-something CEO of a company that has raised over $750m, it’s only natural that he’d want it,  literally. There’s just one problem: when Facebook tried acquiring Twitter earlier in the year, it was turned down. The reason: Twitter didn’t buy into the $15bn valuation Facebook was basing its share price on as part of the proposed deal.

So Facebook has finally done what many do when rejected: you settle for your second choice. And it this case, that means FriendFeed, which it acquired yesterday.

Don’t pretend to be something you’re not

At some point, when you start a new business you come face to face with an interesting question: what the heck are we doing?

Chances are you had some idea of what you were doing before you started on your journey. You saw a problem. You thought you had a brilliant solution. You know the story.