Can PayPal crack the micropayment and mobile payment nuts?

PayPal was the bright spot in eBay’s third quarter earnings. The
company, whose name has become synonymous with online payments, boosted
the online auction company with its strong continued growth.

And if the company has its way, that growth won’t be stagnating anytime
soon. At the Innovate 2010 developer conference yesterday, PayPal made
it clear: its future is micropayments and mobile.

Check in with Foursquare, tear down FT.com’s pay wall?

The Financial Times is lucky. It’s in the minority of newspapers that
can legitimately claim to have found ‘success’ with an internet pay wall.
The company’s subscribers pay upwards of $180 a year to access content
on the Financial Times’ website, FT.com, which is behind one of the more
pay walls around.

But that pay wall isn’t impervious; it may be coming down if you’re a certain type of mobile internet user in certain geographic regions. That’s because,
according to Business Insider, the Financial Times will soon launch an
initiative with Foursquare that will give some Foursquare users who check
into certain businesses in certain locations the ability to access
FT.com without a paid subscription.

New York Times Editor: content does not want to be free

Facing the worst financial situation in its history and being challenged to produce more revenue from its increasingly important digital ventures, The New York Times is revisiting a tried and true business model: charging people for content.

Despite the fact that NYT abandoned its TimesSelect subscription service in September 2007, New York Times Editor Bill Keller told the audience at a Q&A panel that “The lesson of that experiment, however, was not that readers won’t pay for content…Really good information, often extracted from reluctant sources, truth-tested, organized and explained — that stuff wants to be paid for.

Mobile site review: FT.com

FT.com has been giving its mobile site a makeover, launching a new version which matches the pink look of the website, and has also been optimised for smartphone users.

I looked at a few mobile newspaper sites recently, and haven’t been all that impressed so far, especially with those from UK publishers, so how well does FT.com translate to mobile?