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Q&A: Pascal Lendermann on B2B marketing

Pascal Lendermann is responsible for the Demand Generation Engine and managing the lead lifecycle management process at Cisco in EMEA.

He will be speaking at Econsultancy’s Funnel B2B marketing event on November 1. I’ve been asking Pascal about content strategy, the future of B2B marketing online, and more…

10 informative B2B marketing infographics

i’ve rounded up ten recent infographics on B2B marketing and related issues, including funnel optimisation, marketing automation, and B2B in social media.

Where possible, I’ve added the infographics to this post in a readable size, but for others you can click on the image to see a larger version… 

Marketing Automation: the big sell…

While it is incredibly useful, Marketing Automation Software isn’t the
sexiest of tech.

MA needs to be solid and
dependable. It can align sales with marketing, it can help personalise
content, but it isn’t likely to rank alongside the iPad in the wider
consciousness anytime soon.

In short, it has an image problem. This may not seem like a huge concern, but it is contributing to a slow uptake by a hugely important market sector: SMEs