Nokia improves internal communications with social media monitoring screens

Taking its lead from Gatorade’s ‘mission control’, Nokia is rolling out a similar set-up internally that will “bring together conversation, insight and consumer device activity about the Nokia brand in a real-time and easily digestible format”.

This is to be named Agora, after the Greek meeting place where people came together to discuss things and learn from each other, according to Tom Libretto, VP consumer engagement for Nokia.

Tiger Woods: the end of athlete endorsements as we know them?

By now, you’re probably familiar with Tigergate. Who isn’t? The news
and gossip is plastered everywhere online. The paparazzi and celeb gossip press
couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present than the one they’ve
received with the scandal that has erupted around the world’s first
billionaire athlete.

For those in the marketing world, everyone is waiting to see what will
happen to Tiger, his brand and the brands of the companies that sponsor
him. Will the public forgive him? Will his sponsors?