10 reasons why outbound telemarketing programs fail

Before the advent of the internet and mobile phones, if you wanted to “reach out and touch someone” it often meant picking up the telephone.

Today, despite the fact that we have more ways to communicate than ever, many companies continue to pick up the phone in hopes that the person they’re reaching out and touching will eventually become a customer. In fact, although it may be one of the least sexy marketing channels, telemarketing is for some companies still one of the most effective direct marketing techniques employed.

How to rock your Google Analytics: five tricks to help you out

There is no doubt that running a site is tough, we need to work harder and smarter than our competition to keep ahead in the game.

Analytics gives us all the data we need to make our websites even better but it needs to be set up right first; here are some tips and tricks to help you on your way.

Do walled gardens really make analytics more challenging?

Analytics isn’t easy, but just about every marketer knows how important
it is. That’s why so many companies have invested significant
sums in their analytics strategies.

Unfortunately, the rise of popular consumer hangouts that are walled
gardens, namely Facebook, has created multiple ‘internets‘, and according to AdAge, that
a number of challenges for companies and their analytics