Google Apps

Can Google stop Office 2010 upgrades?

Google’s desire to put a dent in one of Microsoft’s biggest cash cows,
Microsoft Office, is no secret. Since introducing a paid version of
Google Apps designed for enterprise consumption in 2007, Google has
aggressively promoted its cloud-based solution as an alternative to
Microsoft Office.

Last year, it even did something that wasn’t very Google-like: it
purchased billboard space in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and
Boston urging businesses to “Go Google“.

Google’s new global ads represent a shift. Just not in search.

For a company that has long relied on word of mouth to promote its products — Google has been going crazy with advertising lately. This summer the company launched an old school ad campaign, complete with billboard and print ads, to promote its cloud-based apps business. And now the company is announcing that its “Going Google” billboard campaign will be going global, with more print, online and outdoor ads promoting the Google suite of office products. 

Tom Oliveri, director of enterprise marketing at Google, tells The New York Times this will be
“one of the most visible Google has done and the most significant
campaign for the enterprise side.” The company is also looking to hire two big marketing titles.

Is the this notoriously anti-marketing company changing its tune on advertising? Maybe. But not because of changes in the search business.