google books

Microsoft may be jealous of Google but that doesn’t mean it isn’t right

The proposed settlement in the class action lawsuit over Google Books has proven to be quite controversial. Amazon, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are among those questioning the proposed settlement. On the other side, Sony, the Computer & Communication Industry Association and the Authors Guild are among those supporting the settlement.

Opponents claim that the settlement will give Google a virtual monopoly over online books. Supporters claim that the settlement will benefit consumers and does not preclude others from competing in the market.

Why I’m worried about Google Books

The internet’s leading business is currently scanning and digitising millions of books. Dominance of the web is not enough, the search giant now plans to become, in essence, the world’s biggest librarian and bookshop.

Now, regular readers of my posts and articles will know that I am
usually onside with Google. It’s frighteningly large and successful,
but anything that invests so much time and energy into important
projects like Google Earth is OK by me, except its plans for books…