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Online display advertising market is buoyant: report

The online display advertising market is in a healthy state at the moment, with more than half of advertisers increasing spending in the past 12 months. 

According to Econsultancy’s Online Advertisers Survey Report, produced in association with the Rubicon Project, the fastest growing area of investment is Facebook advertising, with 71% of 400 respondents increasing spending in the past year. 

Some highlights from the survey after the jump… 

The rise and rise of the display network

Pay-per-click has a lot of things going for it as a marketing medium. Your adverts are only displayed to people that are actively looking for your product or service, and you can determine exactly what you are willing to pay for these clicks at a keyword level.

It’s not surprising then, that a lot of paid search advertisers have in the past viewed the Display Network with a degree of scepticism. After all, your adverts aren’t displayed to people actively looking for your product, and because the clicks generated come from hundreds or even thousands of different websites, it’s difficult to tailor your bids.

For many advertisers, the Display Network is very much a poor relation, and it’s remarkable how many don’t use it all.