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How to use Big Data to start small

The big promise of big data for marketers is to be able to use all the data we have. By looking at all the information, big data allows us to explore minute details without the risk of blurriness.

in theory, sampling (which always lost detail because it is a proxy for the full data set) and guesswork go away, we can analyse all the data for every customer and prospect, and provide that customer experience nirvana of just the right offer at just the right time.

If that feels like a big change for you, then start small. Attribution, one of the most persistent of marketing challenges, can be a great area to apply big data for immediate results, and ROI.

Sandwiches, soda, and sports climb the Social Business Index

As if anticipating items we’ll find on coffee tables in living rooms across the country this Super Bowl Sunday, last week’s Social Business Index featured climbs from sandwich, soda, and sports brands: Subway, Dr. Pepper, and the NHL.

The index, produced by The Dachis Group, offers a real-time performance ranking of 30,000+ multinationals in social. Each week we take a look at the top twenty listings and call out those that made moves worth noting. 

Google Hangout: Finding your relevance with email marketing now live

Our first Google hangout is now live! We’ve brought together Nicole Delma, Director of Email Marketing of J. Crew, Donald Parsons, Director of Global Email at Amazon and Morgan Stewart, co-founder and CEO of Treadline Interactive to talk about email marketing and how you can find your relevance.

Our own Stefan Tornquist, VP of Research, will be our moderator for today and will be the man driving the questions.

If you’re reading this between 12 and 1 EST on September 20, then you can comment below, tweet econsultancy using the hashtag #econhangout or join us on our YouTube page or Google+ page and ask any questions as we go along.

Econsultancy Google hangout: finding your relevance with email – Thursday, September 20

At Econsultancy we often write about how you can experiment with different types of content with your marketing efforts so we thought we’d take our own advice and try our first Google Hangout: Finding Your Relevance with Email. We will be streaming this through our YouTube channel this Thursday, September 20 at noon EST.

In short, our Google Hangout will be like a conference panel, except no one needs to travel. It will feature: 

  • Nicole Delma, Director of Email Marketing of J. Crew
  • Donald Parsons, Director of Global Email at Amazon
  • Morgan Stewart, co-founder and CEO of Treadline Interactive
  • And our own Stefan Tornquist, VP of Research, who will be our moderator

This session came about as we believe marketers are numb from hearing that they need to be relevant. Combat that by joining our experts to discover their secrets in creating email that is appointment viewing in the inbox.