Google Instant

Does Google Instant have a brand bias? Maybe not, but…

Since Google launched Instant, there have been numerous claims that Instant has a bias towards brands. In October, for instance, Siddharth Shah of Efficient Frontier Insights observed thatof the 26 letters in the alphabet, 21 have brands as the first suggestions.

Based on this, he suggested that Google Instant is “going to make
brand key words more expensive, increase impression volumes by 30% –

Google Instant has changed the way we search

Sam Crocker, one of our lead SEOs in London has been researching what proportion of searchers
are seeing Google Instant. This has a potentially significant impact on the
various research being published on how Instant affects average query length.
Here’s what he has found:

No analytics for Google Instant

It would have been easy for Google Analytics to reveal how much traffic Google Instant is driving, but Google seems to be keeping this information under wraps. 

Is Instant a distraction from Google’s flaws?

Google Instant certainly ranks as one of the biggest user experience
changes Google has implemented since it launched Google search more than
a decade ago. And for that reason, it has attracted a lot of press attention,
and sparked a significant amount of conversation among search experts.

But is Google Instant really little more than a convenient distraction
that masks Google’s flaws? Some are essentially arguing just that.

Google Instant means linear targeting of search results

As an SEO, my fear is that some cunning paid search guru is going to
steal my clients’ business before searchers get to my handiwork. So now I
have to optimise earlier words. The early word gets the worm?

What this means is targeting across the keystrokes in linear fashion
from first letter until the search is either complete or a relevant
result set presented. With everyone flapping about the who’s and why’s of Google Instant there are some of us thinking about how to game the system.

Google Instant will change — not kill — SEO

Today Google unveiled a new product called Google Instant, which predicts users’ search queries and delivers results as they’re typing. The news immediately got people talking. While it will make search faster, not everyone is excited about this new feature. Some, in fact, are worried it will kill SEO and harm paid search advertising results. 

Google, however, knows better than to kill off its cash cow with a new consumer friendly feature. Rumors of Google Instant killing the art of SEO are greatly exaggerated.