Guitar Hero

Kurt Cobain’s Guitar Hero avatar could give Activision a bad name

Kurt Cobain’s widow has caused more than a little frustration with his fans over the years. But this last insult comes with a court date. Mostly because she claims she didn’t do it. 

This week, Activision released the new version of Guitar Hero, complete with a dirty but cute avatar of Kurt Cobain. While Nirvana purists may not appreciate seeing the band’s deceased lead singer in digital. Insult was added to injury because Cobain’s avatar is used differently than other famous characters in the game. 

While gamers can use Cobain to sing his own songs, Activision has unlocked the character to allow him to sing any number of other genres, from rap to hair metal. And while it may be amusing to watch Cobain sing Flavor Flav songs, Courtney Love claims she did not grant Activision this right. Activision says they acted within their rights.

But even if Love is wrong and did allow the company to use Cobain’s likeness exactly as they are, it might be in their best interest to back off.