Gmail tips, tricks and hacks from the lab and beyond

Caveats first: other email providers are available. There I think that covers everything.

As of August 2013 there were 425m Gmail users, but this won’t be the place where we discuss the dominance of Gmail over the providers that it quickly overtook, such as Hotmail or Yahoo.

Nor will we discuss the above figure, which although reported in The Guardian and other publications, is actually contradicted by comScore, who suggests Google still trails behind its two rivals.

This is the place where we’ll discuss little tips, tricks and hacks, as developed in the Gmail lab, that will hopefully make your life just a tiny bit easier and more interesting. At least when it comes to emailing.

I touched on Gmail hacks in my 16+ best things to happen to the internet in 2013 post last month where I suggested you go and spend a little time exploring the backrooms of Gmail to see what you can find.

Well now you don’t have to, as I’ve already sifted through the experiments, separating the prime specimens from the formaldehyde filled jars of yellowing mutants, to bring you the best Gmail hacks currently available.

How to replace Google Alerts for superior competitor analysis

If you work in search, PR or content marketing, you may have experienced an alarming drop off in Google Alerts recently.

Search pioneers and industry specific verticals that rely heavily on tracking competitors via Google Alerts have recently noticed the feed slow to a trickle of what it used to be, but the show must go on!

So, here are some ingenious alternatives from the experts to keep you plugged in.