The secret to viral video success: a big ad budget

Online marketers are forever looking to perfect the recipe for foolproof viral videos. But those chasing that dream should take note of a new study from Harvard Business School.

After analyzing popular film and game videos online for a year, HBS marketing Professor Anita Elberse found one pretty dependable predictor of viral success: big traditional advertising buys.

Case study: Harvard Business School goes social

When it comes to the Ivy League, reputation is important. But schools can no longer depend on their historical reputation. When it comes to attracting talent, they need to prove digital competence. For Harvard Business School, social media has come to the rescue over the past few years. 

This week at the Social Integration conference in New York, HBS CMO Brian Kenny showed how his team helped bring the school into the present with social media. The hardest part? Giving up control of the Harvard Business School brand.