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20 of the best branded Vines from August 2014

Our best branded Vines round-up this month comes bearing great news.

Recently Vine has completely overhauled its desktop site so it looks and works a lot like YouTube, but most gratefully received out of all the new functionality is the ability to search.

At last! You can now search for individual users, locations or tags, making this particular writer’s job a heck of a lot easier. You can read about other improvements here: Vine’s desktop redesign puts community and search first.

In other news, Vine has also updated the app itself and it now allows you to footage from pre-existing videos on your smartphone. Allowing you to mix and edit multiple sources into your Vine. 

It looks like Instagram will have to pull something particularly spectacular out of the bag to keep up with its rivals (a half-decent desktop site would be a start).

In the meantime, lets check out the latest and greatest branded Vines.

Digital dose with Carolyn Carden, HP

Each week, we will be talking to marketers across the globe about what top tips they think will help other marketers excel in their day to day practise.

Today, we hear from Carolyn Carden from Hewlett Packard on why you should always focus on the customer first.

Can news agencies accurately predict retweets?

There’s nothing like gaining a load of retweets for a cheap ego boost, but it also has more tangible benefits in terms of driving site traffic and increasing exposure of your business.

There are tactics we assume to work (e.g. put ‘Justin Bieber in the headline), but a new report by Hewlett Packard and UCLA tries to create a model that allows news agencies to predict how many retweets they will get.

It suggests that it can be done to an accuracy of 84%, which is a bold claim.