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Q&A: Bill Grimsey on the alternative future for the high street

Former Wickes and Iceland CEO Bill Grimsey will today present his Alternative Future for the High Street review to ministers and business leaders at parliament. 

This report aims to address the failings of the Portas Review, which managed to almost completely ignore the part that the web and digital technology has to play in offline retail.

Bill Grimsey’s report places digital at the centre of his plan for the recovery of the UK’s high streets, with the idea of ‘Networked High Streets’.

Bill Grimsey’s research further supports Econsultancy’s own research on How The Internet Can Save The High Street, which we published last year as a kind of antidote to the Portas study.

I’ve been asking Bill about his report, how technology can be used in future high streets, and how his report differs from the Portas Review…