Hong Kong

The state of digital marketing in Hong Kong: highlights from Digital Cream 2013

Over 100 senior marketers attended our inaugural roundtable event in Hong Kong last month. 

They deftly explored and shared nimble ways to utilise the very latest digital marketing ideas and techniques in order to better equip themselves for their future endeavours.

Some were intent on making stronger inroads into mainland China, others were planning on taking full advantage of the small but also highly lucrative local Hong Kong marketplace (a jewel in the China crown), and for a fair number it was to better hone their abilities and skills to market across the whole APAC region.

Google tries to have its cake and eat it too in China

It’s official: Google is leaving China. Well sort of.

The search giant announced yesterday that its Chinese search engine,
Google.cn, will no longer be operated from within the country. Instead,
it will run from servers based in Hong Kong, enabling China to drop its
censorship of search results, something it had obviously tried
unsuccessfully to receive permission from the Chinese government to do.