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10 hotel websites that autoplay sound to delight visitors

I read a brilliant article the other day… one of the very funniest things I have read in ages. It was all about how companies in the hospitality sector should play sound to make visitors feel “secure”. Sound, it says, “can help your website achieve major impact”. 

Here’s another quote from the article in question:

Website audio can make your website stand out from your competition’s site while reinforcing the marketing and customer service strategies you’re already using.

After pulling myself together I decided to reconsider my views on autosound, which I have up until now considered to be one of the worst user experience mistakes you can make. I set about to find some examples that would make me – and you – see the light (and, ahem, hear the sound).

So then, here are 10 automatic audio experiences on hotel websites that will presumably make you reach for your bank card to book a room. Make sure you have your sound turned up, especially if you’re in the office.