eBay forums attract 32m visits per month

eBay says that it attracts 32m unique visits a month to its discussion boards, with 6m posts and 4.5m users a year.

Speaking at Hotwire’s digital trends briefing this morning, eBay UK’s head of corporate communications Clare Moore-Bridger said that they were an “excellent source of information on what’s important to customers”.

Google’s travel ambitions take flight with ITA purchase

Vertical search is already a big focus in the search
market, and Google has its sights set on the skies. And we’re not talking about the infamous Google party plane.

Yesterday, Google announced that it is buying flight information
software company ITA Software for $700m in cash. ITA Software’s technology is widely used by airlines and online travel
destinations, and “effortlessly searches – at a billion combinations
per query – fares, schedules, and availability.” That’s why Google was
willing to pay big bucks for ITA’s technology, which it hopes will
enable it to help passengers, airlines and online travel agencies find
flights and fares more efficiently.