Mobile accounted for 18% of US search spend in Q4 2012

Smartphones and tablets accounted for almost a fifth (18%) of total US search spend in Q4 2012, according to data from IgnitionOne.

Year-on-year figures show that paid search spend on tablets has increased by 163% compared to 87% on smartphones, while clicks have increased by 135% and 29% respectively.

The report also found that CPCs have increased by 45% on smartphones, while tablet CPCs have increased by a relatively low 12%. On tablets search ad impressions increased 212% while on smartphones the increase was 20%.

Separate figures published by the IAB in October show that mobile advertising accounts for 7% of all digital ad spend in the UK. So though the reports focus on different markets, it still suggests that mobile search is outperforming other areas of mobile marketing.

For travel, paid search works but email can be a drag: report

It may not be the sexiest digital marketing tool, but email can be a powerful driver of business on today’s internet — big business.

Travel firms using email, however, may want to reconsider their use of email marketing following a study conducted by digital marketing solutions vendor IgnitionOne which looked at the impact of exposure type and sequence on the the effectiveness of cross-channel digital marketing campaigns.

Paid search drives highest AOV for travel industry

Working out where your sales are coming from is a vital part of e-commerce, as understanding attribution allows you to effectively manage your marketing budgets.

The value of each touch point varies hugely between different industries, and even between competing brands.

A new report from IgnitionOne, due to be released next week, looks at the conversion paths and latency (the amount of time between the first exposure and when the conversion occurred) for the travel industry.

Digital is extremely important for the travel industry, as data included in the Econsultancy/Foviance Multichannel Customer Experience Report shows that three quarters of travel research takes place online.

IgnitionOne’s report found that paid search is the key driver for getting customers to spend more money. Outside of organic search, it drives a 71% higher average order value (AOV) than any other single channel.

Mobile search spend increases 333% year-on-year

Spending on mobile search in the US increased 333% in Q2 2012 compared to the same period last year, according to a report from IgnitionOne.

Impressions are also up 130% year-on-year (YoY), and clicks increased 325%.

Overall, mobile search made up 14% of total search advertising spend in Q2, up slightly from 12.3% in Q1.

This is similar to Q1 stats reported by Adobe, which found that mobile now accounts for 8% of US search spend compared to 11% in the UK.

IgnitionOne’s report shows that of the overall mobile search spend, tablets account for 60% with smartphones making up the remaining 40%.

Online advertising trends in Q1 2012

With the adoption of new ad formats and further penetration of tablets, the growth of paid search is on the up. According to IgnitionOne‘s new online report on Global Online Advertising, the first quarter of 2012 showed a 30.3% year on year growth in search advertising. 

The comprehensive report outlines some of the biggest areas of growth in this area including targeted paid search spend, Yahoo/ Bing market share and an increase of mobile search activity, especially from tablets.

UK and US retailers benefit from increased search spend

The 2011 holiday shopping season was a banner year for online retail, which broke numerous records. Savvy retailers can pat themselves on the back; the best have become incredibly adept at enticing consumers and delivering a great customer experience.

But they’ll probably also want to thank their spend on search according to a new report by IgnitionOne, which found that significant increases in this area for Q4 boosted impressions, clicks and transactions.