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How marketers can use visual search

In the last few years, images have begun to change the way we search online. An increasing number of people are using visual search – the process of using an image as a search term (instead of keywords) to find out more information, or to discover similar images.

Target and Argos: Is the multichannel catalogue taking off?

There are many retailers that have trialled image recognition technology in their catalogues.

The tech allows the retailer’s app users to scan and shop or access additional content. So far, it seems to have been a test-and-learn activity from brands such as Net-A-Porter (as part of their magazine, Porter) and IKEA (which has focused on additional content rather than commerce).

Target is new to shoppable catalogues this month and Argos has further enhanced its now Aurasma-powered offering. Both of these huge retailers I think have found good use cases.

Let’s take a look.