30 stunning cinemagraphs that will blow your mind

Online communication, particularly via social media, is gradually becoming more visual. And with that comes an increasing number of ways to hit people in the eyes with something beautiful. 

Not literally, of course. You can get arrested for that sort of thing.

More interesting than a photo and less-annoying than an autoplay video, cinemagraphs are fast making a name for themselves in the world of digital marketing. 

Dear marketers, stop using generic stock images

It’s annoying that in 2016 a headline like this is still relevant. We’ve all poked fun at silly stock imagery, but it seems once the laughter fades some of us continue regardless.

I’d put it up there with meaningless buzzwords as one of the uglier sides of marketing that refuses to die.

And while it does provide people like me with ammo for our snark guns, it is also incredibly offensive to look at. 

Do APAC hotel websites live up to customer expectations?

What makes for a good hotel website? Well according to a recent survey, travellers place a high value on imagery, reviews and uncomplicated booking forms.

But are Asian hotels meeting these requirements?

To find out I’ve carried out a quick user test on some of APAC’s best-known hotels and resorts, focusing on the quality of their imagery and booking procedures.

Read on to find out whether these brands are providing a decent user experience, or more on this topic check out my post looking at the UX on budget airline sites in Asia-Pacific