Content marketing in healthcare. Understanding role and maintaining credibility

Online healthcare portals and communities are critical sources for patients and caregivers who are seeking trusted information related to their condition.

Health related internet use has become one of the top three online activities in the world. In the US alone more than 100m Americans will visit the health related sites such as Web MD, CNN Health,,, eHow Health, and Yahoo! Health.

Let’s drill down a little and focus on one of the top disease communities: diabetes.

With over 370 million sufferers worldwide, diabetes is an incredibly active online community. There are two primary sources of information for diabetes, doctors and the Internet. This opens up a wealth of marketing opportunities for big pharmaceutical companies, who are looking to present their brands, drugs, products and services to type 1 and 2 sufferers, caregivers and healthcare providers.

So the internet plays a significant role in that it enables many stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem to access, review, interact and contribute content to the community.

Those individuals and organizations wishing to contribute to the healthcare information value chain must consider their role and the categories of content that can credibly be delivered from their position in the ‘ecosystem’. This post explores and presents ideas for your content strategy in the healthcare space.