impulse buying

Smartphones and tablets drive an increase in impulse buying online

A new survey of UK smartphone and tablet owners shows that mobile is helping to drive an increase in impulse buying, particularly for clothes and music.

However the results also show that security concerns remain a key reason preventing consumers from embracing m-commerce.

The survey, commissioned by Rackspace, interviewed 2,009 smartphone and tablet owners on their attitudes towards various aspects of m-commerce.

It found that just 40% of respondents make purchases using their device, meaning that there is still a huge amount of room for m-commerce to grow even among the current audience of smartphone and tablet owners.

This figure is slightly lower than data from our Multichannel Retail Survey which found that 25% of all UK consumers had made a purchase using their mobile.

Vente-privee, Groupon, and the power of urgency

Chances are you’ve heard of Vente-privee. The French company pioneered the booming online private sales market. And you might be familiar with Groupon, a prominent player in the increasingly hot local deal-of-the-day market.

The former sells high-end luxury products. The latter offers recipients of its emails the possibility of being able to buy products and services from local businesses at hefty discounts. What’s the secret to their success? You might be inclined to say “It’s the deals!” While that’s partially correct, the real answer is something far more primal: urgency.