in-store returns

Multichannel retailers need to work on their returns policies

You might think that, for retailers with a network of stores, allowing customers to return items bought online to their nearest shop would be a no-brainer. Sadly not. 

50% of the UK’s multichannel retailers were not able (or willing?) to accept returns for online purchases. 

This suggests that, though many retailers have worked hard to integrate online and offline channels to provide a better experience for customers, many still have work to do. 

Is Dr Martens’ no in-store return policy bad for business?

Ordering online from Dr Martens is enjoyable. There are lots of shoes and boots that I want in my life, such as the Pendleton pictured here.

But Dr Martens doesn’t accept in-store returns.

This is something that, with the advent of multichannel retail, consumers have come to expect. I wonder how this is affecting buyers and business?