How to optimise your order confirmation screen for extra sales and sharing

For most retailers the moment a customer makes a purchase is the time to relax and reflect on a job well done, however this is potentially missing one last opportunity for promoting repeat purchases and social sharing.

A new report from Owned It looks at the steps brands are taking to optimise their order confirmation pages, with Amazon and M&S apparently making the most of the opportunity to encourage further sales and engagement.

But what are these retailers doing right and what steps can businesses take to optimise their order confirmation pages?

Amazon achieved a high score thanks to its social sharing buttons, a discount voucher incentivising a repeat purchase, and the brevity of its confirmation page.

Personalization and incentives the key to mobile ads: report

Mobile is potentially the holy grail of marketing. Billions of individuals around the world own a mobile phone, and for many, the mobile phone has become the most important, most frequently used communication tool.

With smartphone adoption soaring, marketers can increasingly reach mobile phone owners in compelling ways. But that doesn’t mean mobile marketing is delivering ROI.

25 ways of encouraging and rewarding customer engagement

Customer engagement is worth going after in a big way, according to
Econsultancy’s research. Engaged customers tend to stick around for
longer, buy more often and refer your brand to their friends. What’s not
to like?

As such a focus on engagement is both smart and necessary. We no longer
live in a broadcast world, but in a world where listening, reacting and
providing great service are essential if you really care about your

In my view the key to a winning customer engagement strategy is to make
it like a game, where points make prizes. The more the customer plays,
the more the customer can win. And customers / users should be made aware of this. But what are the prizes?