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Revealed: the Econsultancy Innovation Awards 2012 shortlist

Econsultancy’s annual Innovation Awards shines a light on the finest creative thinking across the digital industry. This year more than 450 companies entered the awards, so we’ve been rather busy this past month or so.

After some intense reading we have shortlisted around 150 companies, across 19 categories. There were some very close calls, so commiserations if you didn’t make it through this year. The standard has been higher than ever.

Congratulations to all those who have been shortlisted. We know that innovation is a team game, so if you’ve played a part in any of these projects then you deserve a pat on the back. Or a pub lunch. It’s a Friday, after all.

Congratulations to our second #TheDigitals superstar of the week: @DanBarker

It’s been a riotous week on #TheDigitals leaderboard, with nefarious ReTweet covenants being struck, random hashtagging explosions and even a bit of cold hard cash being thrown around as various parties try their best to scale to the dizzy heights of superstar of the week! 

In the end though there can be only one, so this week we’re congratulating web and online marketing whizz (and occasional Econsultancy guest blogger) Dan Barker – Well done Dan! 

What makes something innovative?

Innovation has always been one of Econsultancy’s core brand values and we celebrate this every year with our Innovation Awards, shining a light on those companies and individuals who’ve helped to advance the digital marketing landscape over the past twelve months. But what do we mean when we talk about innovation? It’s a deceptively simple […]

Presenting our first #TheDigitals superstar of the week: @WillPScott to our very first #TheDigitals Super Star of the Week: @WillPScott! 

In his own words, Will is a “Self confessed geek, working in online/social media” and has certainly worked his social to acheive this lofty and much-coveted position by being an all-star social sharer this week, promoting the biggest and best awards in Digital to his followers and creating genuine engagement (that means no hashtag spamming, plenty or ReTweets and genuine mentions).

Congratulations Will! 

Want to be a future superstar? Read on…

#TheDigitals Leaderboard: Get involved and help judge the biggest awards in digital the past few days, you may have noticed #TheDigitals hashtag popping up regularly on Twitter. 

If you don’t know what The Digitals are then go find out now! (Don’t worry, we’ll wait)

We love it when people share our stuff, but there’s more to this than just an engaged audience; We’re running a leaderboard to help spread the word about the biggest, brightest awards in digital and we want your help! 

Of course, this is social media we’re talking about, so there has to be a prize right? You betcha there is…

Announcing the winners of the Econsultancy Innovation Awards 2010

Roll the music, for I’d now like to announce the winners of Econsultancy’s Innovation Awards 2010. Before I do, I’d like to thank all of the expert judges who helped us in the process of making our minds up.

Aside from the lucky few winners, we have commended a number of other entries that stood out from the crowd. Commiserations if you missed out. The innovation bar was definitely raised in 2010, and – innovation aside – we were delighted by the sheer commitment to best practice by hundreds of firms who entered the awards.

So, here goes…

Announcing the Econsultancy Innovation Awards 2010 shortlist

Ah, December. For many media folks it is a month of fat lunches and the parties. It used to be like that for me too, until we launched our Innovation Awards a couple of years ago. 

Since then December has turned into a month of hardcore reading. Our in-house judging panel (me, CEO Ashley Friedlein and Research Director Linus Gregoriadis) spent the majority of the month poring over the 350+ entries, checking out sites and apps, and generally trying to make sense of things.

Last year was a great year for innovation, based on what we read. There are some amazing things going on in our industry. 

Innovation and staying ahead of the curve will be hosting our 2012 Innovation Awards at the Park Lane Hilton in London this evening.

In the run-up to the glittering award ceremony, we’ve been speaking to our shortlisted candidates to get their take on all aspects of innovation in business.

We’ve looked at fostering the right kind of environment to get those ideas flowing, budgeting make sure plans don’t impact your bottom line, and looked back at some great ideas to help get you inspired.

Of course, even a great idea can be outdone. The industry has never advanced as quickly as it does today, with some truly awe-inspiring ideas rolling out every day.

With all this competition to factor in, we thought we’d close our series by asking our nominees about keeping ahead of the innovation curve.

Innovation for agencies: convincing the client the past month we’ve spoken a lot about the nature of innovation in business, and during the course of these posts we’ve looked at ways to foster an innovative spirit within your company, as well as justifying the cost and protecting the budget. 

But what if you aren’t the one who ultimately has to pay if your ground-breaking new ideas don’t make the cut? 

A large number of our Innovation Awards entries come from agencies, which have to work doubly hard to justify unusual or experimental campaign choices, yet still manage to deliver some of the most exciting new ideas every year.

In today’s Innovation Question , we look more closely at exactly how they manage this. 

Which innovation from the past 30 years do you wish you’d come up with? we learned in our previous post, our Innovation Awards shortlist candidates all thought that an ability to learn from past mistakes was just as important as a vision of the future when trying to advance your business.

It’s not always mistakes we learn from though, and business innovation is as much about evolution as revolution.

Today we’re asking our expert panel which companies, products and ideas from the past have truly inspired them, and which ones they wished they’d had a hand in…

Q&A: Sissie Hsiao of Google Analytics on innovation

SissieThis month we’ve been posting regularly on the subject of innovation as a prelude to our annual Innovation Awards on February 23rd.  

We’ve been asking our shortlisted candidates for their opinions on every aspect of innovation in business, from identifying innovative ideas and people to scaling projects at multi-national level.

Today, we thought it would be useful to hone in on one particular business and gather their responses to our list of innovation-themed questions.  

Sissie Hsiao is group product manager at Google Analytics, a company which has based its reputation and success on doing things differently from the very start. We asked for her opinions on a variety of topics, and on the awards themselves.