Altruism and sheer bloody mindedness: lessons from digital pioneers

Fresh thinking is vital if we want to grow and adapt with (or even ahead of) new technologies and innovations. If we stagnate we lose, just ask the England cricket team.

This often means taking some time away from regular projects and responsibilities, and giving ourselves space to look at things from other viewpoints and perspectives.

In my case, while ruminating about personal and team goals for 2014, I found myself exploring inspiration and ideas from some of our greatest digital pioneers.

14 places to look for blogging inspiration when writer’s block strikes

Blogging doesn’t come easy. A lot of effort goes into coming up with ideas each day and spinning them out into useful articles for our lovely readers.

Some days are certainly harder than others and everyone suffers from writer’s block every now and then.

To help other bloggers through those dark times, I’ve come up with 14 places to look for inspiration when you’ve got a blank page in front of you and a looming deadline.

There are undoubtedly other tricks of the trade that I’ve neglected to mention, so please share your own sources of inspiration in the comments.

What we’ve been reading this week: round-up

‘Digital marketing’ is a much, much bigger beast than the marketing industry alone. 

Just by looking at the spread of stories we cover on the blog, you can see that there’s a multitude of influences that change how brands talk, act and sell – but also think.

In the same light, the team here draws inspiration from many different places.

We’ve decided to share with you what’s caught our eye this week; what we’ve tweeted, posted, passed around the office and shaken our heads at.