Five ways The New York Times is innovating its publishing model

At the beginning of 2016 things are much rosier at The New York Times than they were two years ago.

Though print is still suffering, there seems to be a greater degree of parity between the incumbent’s digital know-how and that of new online-only upstarts.

The paywall is bearing fruit, social media platforms court its content and Google is trying to shine a light on longer form journalism.

The paper has shown itself again to be a restless experimenter across digital platforms and with new digital technology.

Nine incredible interactive YouTube campaigns

I’m a big fan of creative, engaging approaches to advertising, which is something I’ve covered before.

A lot of talk at the moment seems to be around brands using Facebook or Twitter for various campaigns, but it’s important not to forget YouTube as a potential engagement platform.

Online video is more than just views and clicks

There’s a bit of a culture clash when it comes to online video advertising. The traditionally creativity-driven TV advertising industry seems tempered by the conservatism derived from the click-through culture of the online advertising industry.

Viral video excellence: 10 examples of big brand action

What makes a great viral video? This is a problem I’ve been coming up against recently, especially as there’s always the simple risk that when trying to do anything viral: it will either work or it won’t. 

This is something I’m going to try and explore across a couple of blog posts in the next month or so, as the subject is so huge and complex, but a good starting point seems to be to showcase some of the best examples of viral advertising that currently exist.

Q&A: Nick Bell on the opportunities offered by online video

Previously, Econsultancy has discussed the visible impact that new video formats are having upon the online advertising sphere and is an area which we can easily see will implode within the digital environment as a whole over the next twelve months or so.

To get some front-line opinion of the marketplace, we spoke to Nick Bell, co-founder of the up-and-coming interactive video platform,, about this complex and often overlooked marketing medium. 

The rise of interactive video and what it means for online marketing

Online video isn’t exactly the new kid on the block amongst those the digital industry, but it is maturing into a meaner, tougher kind of service. It is also the one area of display advertising that I’m expecting to flourish over the next twelve months or so, especially in the interactive segment. 

It’s no surprise that video in general is on the increase, given that users are continually wanting an engaging experience. According to comScore’s US video metrics, 14.5bn online videos were watched during March this year – a massive 11% increase from February – and I’m equally of the opinion that this trend will be very similar in the UK. 

Zappos introduces visual browsing feature

I’ve just noticed (via Twitter) an excellent new feature on, which provides a different way to browse through the retailer’s ranges of shoes, watches and handbags.

Called Explore Zappos, it allows users to browse through the site by looking at a large number of items at once, and seems especially well suited to products like shoes and other fashion items.

Explore Zappos visual search